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At the request of several members of the association a workbench has been built. It is housed in the gents’ toilet but can be carried outside if required.

Thanks to Brian Maidment and Ken Hill for the materials and to Dave Ward, Ron Barton and Terry Johnson for building it.


A weekend’s work


A group of committee members and other plotholders set to work on the water-harvesting and composting area in the top car park at the weekend.

They painted the structure and levelled the ground behind it ready for the water barrels to be installed.

Strimming was also carried out on other areas of the site.

Pearl Barton kindly provided the volunteers with tea, coffee and bacon rolls when the work was finished.


Harvesting rain water


The water-harvesting and composting area in the top car park is now complete – bar the painting.

A number of covered barrels will be placed behind it to collect rain water from the roof.

A trench has been dug out for a pipe to carry water from them to two barrels which will be sited on the opposite corner of the car park to make the water easily accessible to nearby plotholders.

It is hoped that eventually additional barrels will be placed elsewhere on the site to enable more plotholders to use the harvested water.






Today’s working party carried on clearing the ground beside the big container so that grass can be sown there in spring.

We had two rotovators in action and a small team of helpers picking up rubble, glass and all manner of other debris in their wake



dsc_0009dsc_0011dsc_0013And this is what it looked like at the end of the morning.dsc_0014


Site improvements

Tony by the new fence

We’ve seen a number of improvements to the Telegraph Road site over the last few months thanks to a Big Lottery Fund grant.

One major project was the installation of new security fencing along a section of the boundary which backs onto a footpath off Telegraph Road.

This is what it looked like before work began

Committee members and other plot holders helped with the clearing work themselves before the contractors erected the fence.

Volunteers removing rubbish


Digger at work

The latest project has been in the top car park. The car park itself was cleared last year and new fencing was erected. This month the ground by the cemetery fence has been levelled and reinforced, thus creating even more space for parking.

The top car park
The reinforced edge