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A change of seasons

Now that autumn is here bonfires will again be allowed on site. From tomorrow you can light a fire on your plot but not before 4pm.

Please think of our neighbours and don’t have a fire if the weather conditions could cause them problems.

As another sign that summer is over the mains water is being turned off on site.

Plot holders are asked not to fill their water butts completely to allow room for winter rain to top them up.

Changing times

The clocks change to British Summer Time on Sunday which means the earliest time you can start a bonfire on your plot will be 4pm.

But if you’re planning to have a fire you need to get a move on because bonfires are not allowed at all from April 1 to September 30.

Another change coming on April 1 is that the mains water will be switched on. Please remember to wear gloves whenever you are using communal water taps at the site.

All Change

The clocks change on Sunday which means that the earliest time you can start a bonfire at the allotments will be 4pm.

But, in any case, Sunday will be your last chance for the time being to have a bonfire on site because the allotment rules say they are not allowed at all from April 1 to September 30.

As another sign of the changing seasons, the water will be switched on on Monday.

The first plot inspections of 2019 will also take place next week.


Lighting up time

October 1 is the first day on which bonfires can be lit on site and it is also the day when the mains water is turned off for the winter.

So, from Monday, you will be allowed to light a bonfire but only after 4pm. You must not leave it unattended. Please also avoid having a fire when the weather conditions could adversely affect our neighbours.

Fire and Water

As a sign that winter is approaching the water on the site will be turned off on Saturday September 30.

Fires can be lit from October 1 but only after 4pm. They must, however, not be left unattended and please take into consideration weather conditions which could allow fires to have an adverse effect on our neighbours.