Save yourself time and money by buying allotment necessities on site.

The  following items are on sale at the large container:

Growmore, £1 per kg

Garden lime, £1.50 per 2kg

Chicken manure pellets, £14 per 20kg bag

Blood, fish and bone, £1.20 per kg

Bamboo canes, 50p each

1.5m wide fleece, 25p per metre (available only in multiples of one metre).

Slug pellets, £2.50

Compost, £6 per 60 litre bag

Vermiculite, 50p per 2 litres

Perlite, 30p per 1 litre

Green jute string,   £1.50 each

Tomato feed, £1.50 per 500ml

Doff ant powder, £2

If you want to buy any of the items above please speak to Terry Johnson (Plot 18) or Ron Barton (Plot 22b).

All proceeds go into the association’s funds.


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