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Help yourself!


A huge pile of manure has been delivered to the allotment site and the good news is that it is completely free of charge.

Help yourselves!


Veg plants


Here are some more plants going free.

They include: one Trinidad Scorpion chilli; one Anaheim chilli; one Lunch Box pepper; one Pepinex cucumber; two La Diva cucumbers; one Mini Munch cucumber; one Black Krim tomato; one Listada deGandia aubergine; one Waltham Butternut squash; one Buttercup squash; one Blue Kuri squash.

Help yourself if you would like any of them. They are beside the greenhouse on Plot 31 ( Allotment plot map).

*Sorry, all the plants have now gone.


Free Tomatoes



Are you in search of tomato plants? There are some Ailsa Craig and Purple Heritage plants going free on plot 12 (Allotment plot map). You’ll find them just inside the greenhouse door.

There are some old tools just outside the greenhouse door which are also available.

Just help yourself if you want them.

Going free


DSC_0009This net tunnel is on offer free of charge. It  has been dismantled ready for collection from Plot 50 (Allotment plot map).

If you have any allotment equipment that you no longer need or if you are on the look out for any allotment-related items please send details to so they can feature on this website.

*Sorry, the net tunnel has now gone.