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More free plants

These plants, outside the shed on Plot 31, are going free.

On offer are:

Crimson Crush tomatoes (outdoor, blight-resistant); Redskin peppers; Black Beauty aubergine; Moneymaker aubergine: Gherkin National; Delistar cucumber; Waltham butternut squash; Uchiki Kuri squash; Cape gooseberries; a blackcurrant bush; horseradish.

Please help yourself if you want any of them. Please return all the pots.

  • If you have any plants or garden equipment which you would like to give away or sell please contact the secretary, Anna Clayton, at so they can be listed on this website.


These tomato, chilli and aubergine plants need a new home!

Tomatoes: Mountain Magic; Rosella; San Marzano; Zlatava; Carbon; Wapsipinicon Peach.

Chillies: Cascabel; Padron; Cayenne.

Aubergine: Black Beauty.

They are just inside the door of the greenhouse on Plot 31. `Help yourself if you want any of them. Please return the pots.

Free Plants

These aubergine, cucumber and pepper plants are going free.

They are: aubergines Listada de Gandia and Moneymaker; cucumbers La Diva and Pepinex; pepper Frigitelli.

Help yourself if you want any of them but please return the pots. They are in front of the shed on plot 31.

Tomatoes and Peppers

These tomato and pepper plants, which are in need of a bit of TLC, are on offer free of charge.

The tomatoes are: Gourmandia; Principe Borghese; Japanese Black Trifele; Tiger Red; Honey Moon.

The peppers are: Red Skin; Beauty Bell; Frigitelli.

They are by the shed on Plot 31. Help yourself but please return the pots when you have transplanted them.

  • If you have any surplus plants, seeds or gardening tools or equipment that you want to give away or sell, please email

Free greenhouses

Two greenhouses, one 8ft by 6ft and the other 10ft by 6ft, are on offer free of charge. They will need to be collected from St Richard’s Road.

If you are interested please ring Dave Ward on 07725888585.

Going free

These two thin metal plant containers are on offer free of charge. They measure 100cm by 40cm by 40cm and are slightly damaged. They are in front of the shed on plot 31. Please help yourself.