A change of seasons

Now that autumn is here bonfires will again be allowed on site. From tomorrow you can light a fire on your plot but not before 4pm.

Please think of our neighbours and don’t have a fire if the weather conditions could cause them problems.

As another sign that summer is over the mains water is being turned off on site.

Plot holders are asked not to fill their water butts completely to allow room for winter rain to top them up.

Spuds for You

We have nine varieties of seed potatoes on offer this year for just £2.40 per 2kg bag.

The varieties we are offering are:

First earlies; Casablanca, Duke of York White, Pentland Javelin.

Second earlies; Charlotte, Kestrel.

Maincrop; King Edward, Carolus (blight-resistant), Sarpo Mira (blight-resistant), Cara.

If you want to place an order please speak to Terry Johnson (plot 18) or Ron Barton (plot 22b) as soon as possible.