One potato, two potato…

In fact we’ve got nine varieties of seed potatoes on offer at just £2.40 per 2 kg bag.

They are:

First earlies; Pentland Javelin, Casablanca, Duke of York White, Arran Pilot.

Second earlies; Charlotte, Kestrel.

Maincrop; Sarpo Mira, Cara, King Edward.

If you want to place an order please speak to Terry Johnson, plot 18.

Bargains from the shop

The following items are now available from the on-site shop:

Tomato feed, £1.50 per 500ml; sulphate of potash, 0-0-50, £1.50 per kg; garden lime, £1.50 per 2 kg; blood, fish and bone, £1 per kg; Growmore, £1 per kg; chicken pellets, £9 per 20kg bag; multi purpose potting compost, £5 per 60 litre bag; fleece, 20p per metre; 8ft bamboo canes, 40p each; slug pellets (two types), £2 per drum.