Coronavirus update

Because of the current situation the committee has decided not to switch on the mains water supply at the site.

Please use the water butts on your own plot rather than the communal water butts in order to minimise the risk of infection.

If you have to use taps on the allotment water butts please use gloves.

Please remember to use gloves when opening and closing the main gates.

Loo break

The men’s loo at the site is, unfortunately, broken and out of action. Repairs have already started and a new toilet will be installed but, in the meantime, all members can use the women’s loo.

Get ready for the growing season


Don’t forget that the on-site shop stocks many of the products you may need for your plot.

A full list of the goods on offer, together with their prices, can be found here.

There are also some seed potatoes available.

If you want to buy anything please speak to Ron Barton (Plot 22b)  or Terry Johnson (Plot 18).

From April 11 the shop will be open each Saturday from 10am to noon.