Lost Hoe

Chris, on plot 19 (Allotment plot map) has lost a Jembie which looks like a Chillington hoe or Dutch hoe. He brought it back from Kenya so it has sentimental value for him. If you happen to come across it please contact Chris or email Pearl at pearlygran@yahoo.co.uk

*Chris and the Jembie have now been reunited!

Tomato plants


These tomato plants are on offer free of charge. If you want any, please help yourself.

You will find them beside the greenhouse on Plot 15 (Allotment plot map ).  Please do not take the trays.

If you have any surplus plants or equipment which you are willing to give away or if you are in search of any allotment-related items please email pearlygran@yahoo.co.uk so they can be featured on this site.